Summer Reading Programs

It’s not too early to plan on some summer enrichment! These courses include speed reading and reading comprehension. Take a look…

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For Kindle and Evernote Users…

Here is a great video on how to save notes made on a Kindle to an Evernote account, so that you can find them easily later.

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Pre-AP Assignment: Dickens’s Rhetorical Style

Pre-AP Assignment: Dickens’s Rhetorical Style

As you did the first Applied Practice set, you saw some unfamiliar terms. Here is an assignment that reinforces your understanding of those terms.

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Jane Schaffer through the Milky Way

Jane Schaffer through the Milky Way

Here is another look at the Jane Schaffer method. 

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A Jane Schaffer hamburger

A Jane Schaffer hamburger

We will be studying the Jane Schaffer method of paragraph and essay development during the rest of the year. It is VERY formulaic, but it will give you a great foundation to continue developing your writing throughout the next few years! Here is a very good introduction to the basics.

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Research topic prezi

Research topic prezi

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History of English

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The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey

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Odyssey: Plot Overview

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Odyssey Intro: Context

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