Powtoon example

For those of you who are creating powtoons, here is an example. Have fun!

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How about a fight scene as ballet?

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Book TV page

Book TV page

I mentioned Book TV in a class today, and no one knew what it was. Here is a link to their Youtube page so that you can check it out.

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Sonnet 130

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What is a Sonnet?

Here is an explanation of the Italian and Elizabethan sonnet forms.

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Lovely Board Notes from Emily and Claire

Lovely Board Notes from Emily and Claire

Here are the notes put on the board from our first day reading Romeo and Juliet!

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Great Expectations: Schaffer paragraph

Writing a Schaffer paragraph in response to a Great Expectations prompt over part one.

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Summer Reading Programs

It’s not too early to plan on some summer enrichment! These courses include speed reading and reading comprehension. Take a look…


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For Kindle and Evernote Users…

Here is a great video on how to save notes made on a Kindle to an Evernote account, so that you can find them easily later.

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